VII of the influence of Saturn in the sense


1. Saturn in the horoscope, the person in the Sun VI to a diet that is rich and arrogant to destroy your enemies.2. Thieves and enemies can not damage him.3. Is fond of good food and a longing for food is delicious.4. Courage, valor, to abide and imagination is the very amount.5. Employees under it are not profitable for6. Jataka betrayed by friends to eat.7. Tue Unless Saturn is the sixth sense with the Hoto abdominal surgery.8. Rahu and Saturn in the horoscope of a woman makes Hoto hysteria diseases.9. Fame and glory of these two individuals have the luxury of just one.10. Saturn of low amounts of low quality and the amount of enemies creates enemies of Saturn itself is destroyed.

Saturn's Red Book VII of the measure in the sense• leather shoes, bags, briefcase, etc. Do not use.• Saturday to fast.• four coconut Pani flow to the flow. Mind you, not in sewage, the result will be exactly the opposite.• Every Saturday black bread smeared with cow ghee Feed regularly. Sun to hold 

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